How To Hug Your Clients

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Practice ChampionRecently I delivered a presentation to the Cleveland Coach Federation: How To HUG Your Clients…Really and Metaphorically. While doing my preparation and research, I discovered the following statistics:

  • Every human being needs four HUGS per day merely to survive.
  • Eight HUGS per day to maintain oneself at a strong emotional level.
  • Twelve HUGS per day to grow and become a better person.

Remember hugs do not have to be physical. They can be metaphorical. Examples might include:

  • Asking “How can I help you?”
  • A “Thank You”
  • A supportive smile
  • A kind word

A HUG can be anything else you could do to make a person feel good about him or herself. Hugging is healthy, non-fattening, has no moving parts to repair, cures depression, and is fully returnable! Although HUGS are free, they are worthless if they are never given. Whom can you hug today?

How can you make your patients/clients/guests/family members, and friends feel better about themselves? Please share with me some of your ideas to metaphorically HUG your customers in the comments below.

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