How You Can Raise Your Fees in 2011

by Dr. Ron Arndt

A lot of dentists may cringe at the thought of this. But are you really getting paid what you are worth? Is your salary in tune with the value, love and extra attention that you bring to your patients? When I killed my practice, I:

  • Did not care if insurance would pay 100% coverage
  • Did not worry what “Usual, Customary and Reasonable” really meant
  • Provided clear and written financial arrangements to each of my patients, and my staff took time to explain them

Sure, some patients didn’t come back. But that was to be expected. They weren’t really my ideal patient anyway – someone who wanted to price-shop for their health and someone who didn’t connect the value that I provided with the price that they paid.

But an amazing thing also happened. More of our “ideal patients” poured in. Why? Because our loyal patients who connected the care they received with the price they paid, stayed happy with our dental practice. Then, they referred liberally to their like-minded friends, family and colleagues. What is holding you back from raising your prices in the new year?

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