How Would This Make Your Dental Office Employees Feel?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

In a dentists’ day-to-day management of his or her dental office, it is vitally important to be; act; and voice our thankfulness to other people. I know that as a busy dentist, it often seems impossible to find the time, but making just a few adjustments can make the biggest difference in your practice. There are lots of people who make our offices run well – from the hygienist and the appointment scheduler, down to the cleaning staff and the landscaper.

Letting your team know that you appreciate them is terrific, but a different strategy to use in your dental office is to model the behavior, rather than preach the behavior. How do you do that?

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As you read below, think: How would these make you feel if someone did them for you? Appreciated, acknowledged and valued, right? Now think about how wonderful it would be if the people who make your dental practice what it is felt the same way.

1.      Identify a Core Value of the Week, such as “serve others with diligence and sincerity” and then point out in the Morning Huddle how a team member has supported this value.

2.      On a cold, rainy day escort each staff member into the office with an umbrella so that they don’t start their workday soaked to the bone.

3.      Purchase an interesting, easy-to-read fun book for your staff, and present it to them with a box of nice teas for a relaxing weekend

4.      Write 3 hand-written notes per week to staff members, vendors, etc. Be genuine and warm. Note a specific action that this person did that made you happy.

5.      Serve fresh lemonade to your landscaping team on a particularly hot day.

I hope that you come up with some fun and appreciative ideas to acknowledge your team for “wanting to do a great job of serving others.” Share them with me, and I may feature you in an upcoming post!

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