How to Hire Your Best New Employee – Fast

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Have you caught yourself saying “I have to hire someone immediately” or “I need to get a new hygienist last week!” Slow down – this is the dental practice that you started and you must find the right person to nurture your vision and Core Values.  Read on to learn how to hire quickly, while avoiding mistakes that dentists often make when speed-hiring.

1. Spend 1 hour articulating your needs, long-term practice goals and policies. Do not just write “Experienced appointment coordinator”, but brainstorm the specific qualities that he or she will need to be successful in your unique office culture.

2. Get a second opinion. Your office staff will be working closely with this new hire, so it makes sense to include them in the process. After your initial interview, invite members of your team to provide their honest feedback. By allowing other staff in on the hiring process, this boosts the feeling of teamwork in the office and also may identify qualities that you have missed in this prospective hire.

3. Make sure that they are a cultural fit. The brightest chair side assistant in the world won’t be an asset to your office if they don’t mesh well with your Core Values. Certainly, be careful when asking personal questions (legal issues can arise) but get a feel if this person is a good fit for your office. Can you see them enjoying your annual holiday party? Would you like going to lunch with this person.

4. Spend enough time orienting the new employee for success and transition them to their new position with care. Invest your and your staff’s time in making the new addition to your practice feel comfortable, welcome and valued immediately. Pay special attention to making the new employee aware of all the information that they need to succeed in your practice – protocols, processes, culture, etc.

Remember, after you have hired this person – it’s not all over. Check in regularly – 3, 6 and 9 month marks are a good idea – to see how your new addition is acclimating. Provide feedback, reward good behavior and you won’t have to “crisis hire” next month!

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