How to Create a Remarkable Practice

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Typical marketing is dead. Gone are the days when you can successfully market your dental practice doing what you’ve always done. We all think that we know the best ways to market our practice – commercials on TV, advertisements in the local newspaper, t-shirts for the local tee-ball team, sending out thousands of postcards. Also, remember – your competitors are not the dental office down the street. Patients often use discretionary income to pay for dental work, so your competitors are really those luxury businesses – nice restaurants, fancy hotels, etc.

In my book, Killing the Practice Before It Kills You: How Throwing Out My Business Model Saved My Life, I talk about throwing out the traditional business model that we somehow adopted. My goal is to get my readers to consider my message and methods in their dental practice – and experience the same great changes that I have.

Top 4 Tips For Creating a Remarkable Practice:

  1. Identify who gives you the most referrals – and treat them like gold: There are a handful of patients who give you steady referrals. Study them, acknowledge them and encourage them to keep referring business to you. Be forward-thinking and creative in gifting these integral patients. Find out their favorite restaurant and gift them a dinner for two.
  2. Get your employees involved: In my book, I speak about the value of having your employees 100% on board with your practice’s Core Values, practice management and other arrangements. The more your employees are on board with you, the better positioned you are to create a remarkable practice. Ask their opinions.
  3. Play copy cat – sort of: Is there a particular place where you’ve noticed their outstanding service or product offerings? This doesn’t have to be a dental practice, but could be a restaurant or clothing store.
  4. Milk it! – It’s hard to come up with a remarkable idea every week, so don’t. Once you come up with your outstanding idea, milk it for all it’s worth. Make the most of it.  Expand it, turn it inside out and make it fun.

By implementing these 4 tips into your dental practice management strategy, you will surely stand out as a unique practice in your community.

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