How are you with your Core Values?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

When it comes to operating you life and your business using your core values, how are you doing?  Take a moment to assess by checking off those that apply :

Core Values Personal Assessment

Personal Balance:    I have a rewarding life outside of work.

High Productivity:    I know my goals and reach them consistently.

Self-Management:    I’m always on time and ready for meetings; no rushing.

Communication:    I always come from a positive place, solution oriented.

Healthy Boundaries:   I don’t tolerate much or suffer at work.

Quality Work:   My personal standards are very, very high.

Take Initiative:   I don’t wait, I act immediately.

Manage “Up”:  

I put myself in the shoes of my staff/customer and manage from there.

Team Work:   I focus on people and results; not just results.

Career Path:   I have a clear plan for my career path.

____       Number  checked (10 max)

1-2      Wow, where am I?  Think I better just stay in bed.

3-4     I can get out of bed but I don’t know where I’m going or even what

day it is.  Call your coach immediately.

5-6    I can take food by mouth and function well enough to get through

the day and fake that my life is great.  Consider hiring a coach.

7-8     I’m doing pretty well, yet I really could use some help.

9-10    Jump back, I’m riding high. Every day is euphoric.

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