Holistic Dental-Business Coaching

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental coaching involves so much more than “in-the-mouth” stuff. What I want for my clients is to have a comprehensive coaching program that incorporates a multi-discipline plan. The expertise of my masterful financial planner, Dana Hastings, CFP, MBA, MS has been given as a gift to my Full Contact Coaching clients this year. With enthusiasm and wisdom she orchestrated a review of my clients economic, financial and retirement game plan today. Dana included my clients future-focused CPA and his dental coach (me) along with herself and my client on a three-hour conference call to implement a team approach to formulating a strategic plan to create his economic future of choice. At the end of our conference call we all recognized the power of four individuals coming together for one purpose…the benefit of the client. The end result was clarity, excitement, and possibilities. My client was “giddy” with joy as he saw his future develop before his eyes. This is coaching at its ultimate.

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