Hold The Team Accountable: Raise Your Standards

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Hold The Team Accountable: Raise Your StandardsIn my last post, I talked about developing standards in your dental practice so that they come naturally.

Here are some actions steps to make sure that happens:

  • Review standards for common areas and individual roles. Survey each team member and update or delete out-of-date standards. Ask team members to write standards as they might expect them to be five years in the future.

    Hint: Consider levels of knowledge and technology changes. Think about what social media and smart phones have already done for/to your dental practice.

  • Survey patients. Determine levels of service satisfaction and set standards for improved or new services. Patients will not be bothered, rather, they will be impressed that you care.
  • Evaluate some current standards of practice operation: i.e. start times for Morning Huddles, office hours, sterilization procedures, and new patient intake. Standards must be posted and presented to team members so that everyone enjoys a common expectation of behavior. Better yet, have each team member sign off on the standards.
  • Review your “short notice” cancellation and “no show” policy with your team on a quarterly basis. Be certain that all team members know, with total clarity, the scheduling boundaries by discussing the policy regularly. Ask individual team members to explain the policy succinctly, clearly, and correctly to the entire team during a staff meeting. This will immediately raise your scheduling standards.

“Don’t live down to expectations. Go out there and do something remarkable.” ~ Wendy Wasserstein

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