Right Hiring and Retention for the Dental Team—How the right treatment plan for Hiring and Retention will make your practice more successful

This publication contains steps that if followed will position you for success in your dental practice. Together, these steps will help you to determine when to hire, how to interview, and who to bring into your practice. The hiring process is one that can be overwhelming when caught short-handed. These tips will help you manage your staffing needs proactively and give you and your team a plan for the future. While this is not an exhaustive guide covering every aspect of right hiring, it is the foundation of your hiring road map. It provides a step-by-step outline for developing your treatment plan for right hiring. You will find that this booklet focuses on the human side of business, the human resources of your practice. A study by the Kwasha Lipton Group, a division of Coopers & Lybrand, HPA, discovered that turnover can cost a company 75-150% of an employee’s salary (finding a replacement, getting person up to speed, lost productivity). Don’t let yourself get caught short.