Right Hiring for the Dental Team

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Staff Success Tips
How would you like to set yourself up for success in your dental practice? What kind of training have you had to help you to determine when to hire, how to interview, and who to invite into your dental practice? If you’re like most dentists, the answer is NONE! You have had no training on this! It’s true that the hiring process is overwhelming when caught short-handed.

It is much like treating a patient. First you determine the source of the pain, formulate your differential diagnosis, decide which treatment is most appropriate and put a prevention plan in place. Training in hiring – right hiring – helps you put a plan into action for your practice. It eliminates the stress of what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Over the next 2-3 months, I will offer over 40 positive ideas and insights to make the process of hiring the “right” people more structured, organized and easy to follow. These tips help you manage your staffing needs proactively, and give you and your team a plan for the future. While I’m not providing an exhaustive guide covering every aspect of right hiring like I do with my Dental Contact Coaching™ clients, I will share a foundation for your hiring road map. I will offer several step-by-step outlines for developing your treatment plan for right hiring.

I suggest that you have open discussions with your team and solicit ideas on staffing needs and specific position descriptions.

This upcoming series of posts focuses on the human side of business– the human resources of your practice. A study by the Kwasha Lipton Group, a division of Coopers & Lybrand, HPA, discovered that turnover can cost a company 75-150% of an employee’s salary. As THE DENTAL COACH© clients hire me, in part, to provide this information to help them hire right, manage more effectively, and reduce stress. The end result? Saving tens of thousands of dollars annually.

“The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.” – H. Norman Schwarzkopf, U.S. General

Ask yourself: What are the right things I need to do today? What is keeping me from doing them?

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