Hire Another Set of Eyes and Ears

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Practice Champion
No one is as smart as all of us. It is my favorite saying!

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that even the Lone Ranger had Tonto. When we think we can do this on our own— we add stress, move away from balance in our lives and struggle with finances.

(Delete this post if you feel like you are one of those people who can do it all on their own.)

If you’re still reading, I know you are one of those great individuals who “get” the message that I’m pointing out. You recognize that there is a huge value in inviting someone else to take a look at some additional solutions to your current challenges.

Often when we are “too close to the forest, we can’t see the trees.”

Bring in a business coach. They will be able to give you an objective evaluation of your practice. When they help you identify your “blind spots”, you have the opportunity to become even better.

So go ahead, hire Tonto!

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