Hey, There Are Plenty of People Out There Who Want a Job If She Doesn’t!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Right Hiring and Retention Manual for the Dental Team,
Wake up, doctor!

It costs 10x more to recruit new team members than it does to keep just one. It costs more than a full year’s compensation to hire and grow a new team member to the same level of productivity as the one who left.

I know you are thinking “Okay, smarty Coach, what do I need to do?” In my popular Right Hiring and Retention Manual for the Dental Team, I discuss how Dental CEOs can retain the most top-notch staff who will ultimately help grow their practice.

So, before you go off and fire someone, take a minute and assess how you can make this a better situation.

  • Write it down! Provide written policies, procedures and expectations to your team. They will appreciate knowing what is expected of them!
  • Create opportunities for team members to help in other areas of the business. This gives them ownership. When people become part of something, they tend to want to see it succeed.
  • Recognize, acknowledge and reward team members. Most staff members complain that their doctor doesn’t appreciate them; this causes hostility and poor morale. What does that translate to? A bad employee!
  • Develop a Treatment Plan for hiring employees, so that this doesn’t happen again!

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