A Happy Day Recipe!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Have you ever noticed that some days you feel like the pigeon and other days you feel like the statue?

how to set the tone for a successful day at the officeThanks to support from my wife, my clients, my coach, my kids, and just about everyone I come into contact with, I’m reminded that I get to choose my daily attitude. I’ve learned that “what I think about, thank about and talk about, comes about“.

As a consequence, my typical early morning routine consists of getting up before the rooster crows and doing some stretching, followed by a 3-mile power walk or 10-mile bike ride, then 20 minutes of meditation and I finish by reading a chapter from a positive book. This sets my tone for the day to be positive and encouraging to others…well, most of the time.

I also am gifted with special recipes’ like the one sent to me by a special friend, Zel Ostrow entitled, Recipe For a Happy Life. Click on the title if you’d like your own copy.

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