How to Grow a Dental Practice

by Dr. Ron Arndt

“Coach Ron, I need a ‘bunch’ of new marketing ideas!”

core values for dental ceosThis is the common comment I hear from dentists. My response is an emphatic:

No you don’t! Instead be persistently consistent with just a few things.

For some reason, we seem to think we need to come up with fancy, high-tech, innovative ideas to grow our business when, in fact, we know the ‘truth’ already. The truth is we are looking for a magic pill – something that is easy and requires little effort. Nonsense. We know what works. Just a few things that you do better than others and to do it more consistently…just like Rick from Clean Sweeps Chimney Sweeps.

Consider the following epiphanies:

  • Non-negotiable service starts at the top. The more you talk about persistent, consistent service, the more it becomes a priority and a part of your business culture.
  • Who’s losing sleep? Do you have a Chief Experience Officer in your business that keeps this priority alive?
  • We’re in a ‘relationship economy’ and ‘touching’ people (metaphorically as well as physically) in the simplest ways will set you apart from the pack.
  • Be better today than yesterday. Systematize the few things that you do better than others and do it more consistently.

What are your ‘few things’ that you do consistently that will bedazzle your patients? Sounds like a team-meeting topic.

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