Gratitude Feels Like The Best Attitude!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

The older I get the more I appreciate Thanksgiving. Consider this…..On the surface, what comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving?

Often our minds conjure up images of delicious turkey dinners with all the trimmings: potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, fruit salad, dinner rolls with butter…my mouth is watering already! (Remember, I’m the Turkey King.) Yet, in reality, is that what Thanksgiving is all about?

practicing gratitude with your dental practiceThis year, perhaps more than most in recent past, is a time for all of us to commit to living our life out of a place of gratitude. Turn on the TV, read the newspaper, or glance at any of the magazine covers and you will be reminded of all the negative forecasts for the market, the ugliness in our politics, and even learn of what Nostradamus had predicted for us.

We have a choice: plan for our future and practice daily thankfulness or “buy into” all that is perceived as wrong with the world. I choose planning and thankfulness as I have read that when gratitude rules, grumbles dissolve.

It’s impossible to be grateful and angry, or sad, or discouraged at the same time. I believe we are in a unique position with our patients/clients and our families. We can, by intention and planning, help those we serve, including our employees to find reasons to be grateful. Grateful people are more resilient and have a much easier time overcoming obstacles. They don’t take others for granted.

In our businesses, we have the ability to make gratitude a “signature strength.” As business CEO’s, we get to set the example by planning out our new year on how we will regularly express our gratitude. By being thankful we make our practices and business different from all the others.

As the CEO, when we choose to live and practice our personal and business lives out of gratitude we will soon discover how others behave: they will feel inspired, energized, happy, eager to help our customers, and they will be much more content with themselves and their environment.

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