How to Make Good Behavior Come Naturally

by Dr. Ron Arndt

What behavior comes naturally to you?
stand·ard [stan-derd]. noun. something considered by an authority or by general consent as a basis of comparison; an approved model.

In a dental practice, this simply means the behavior that you naturally want for yourself. This is probably vastly different from what you were taught. Standards are not “shoulds” or “coulds”. Standards are about doing what’s right for you, your team, and patients — without having to force yourself or even think about it.

When you identify personal and dental practice standards, you establish rules and a basis for measuring quantity or quality. Your dental practice standards specify areas for behavior, knowledge, or expertise. Thus, your standards are used to improve your dental practice. They provide opportunities to learn and improve performance levels.

A useful start for how to set standards is to explore all areas of the practice and develop a set of behaviors or performance expectations for each. Remember, the clinical area of your practice needs different performance standards than the administrative part, so keep them separate. Take time to fully develop those standards and be sure to put them in writing. Put yourself in imaginary situations and determine how they should be handled. This is important, so do it with care.

Now, take the standards and share them with team members and operate your dental practice with everyone knowing how they are expected to perform.

As THE DENTAL COACH© my job is to help my clients reduce their stress and increase their practice income. By creating standards in your practice and expressing them to your staff — you do just that!

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