Give Them Something to Talk About

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Practice Success Tips
How much communication do you think is necessary in your dental practice? Think of that amount – and then add to it.

Communication is necessary to build and sustain relationships. What has happened when you and your team started the day without reviewing the schedule? What has been the success of the dental practice when you fail to schedule regular team meetings?

The success of your dental practice depends on good, clear and consistent communication.

To create opportunities for more communication, give your employees something to talk about. Hold Morning Huddles. A well-organized Morning Huddle meeting can also save time and increase productivity.

  • Create outlines for your Morning Huddles and encourage communication, ideas and fun.
  • Implement an “Open Door” policy and coach your employees to feel comfortable coming to you anytime.
  • Assign a “Mentor” to new employees for the first 6 months of their employment. The employee and the Mentor can communicate about things that the employee may not feel comfortable discussing with “the boss.”
  • Talk to your employees not only about the intricacies of the dental practice, but get involved in their personal lives as well. Ask about their families, hobbies and weekend plans. This creates a good, stable relationship.

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