Give People Choices and Involve Them

by Dr. Ron Arndt

A Simple Math Solution for a High Performing Dental Team
As THE DENTAL COACH©, I have many conversations with dentists. I often hear them take this “savvy” management approach: “It’s my way or the highway.”

I suspect it’s related to the simple fact that we dentists like to be in control. It’s true: We control tongs, we control cheeks, we control spit, and therefore we have to control everything around us, too.

The next time you have to come up with a solution, why not consider the 3 Solution Rule? Rather than allow your employees to dump a bunch of “stuff” on your desk and expect you to fix everything, expect them to come to you with the problem and 3 solutions.

After hearing their 3 solutions, ask them which of the 3 of those proposed solutions would be the best to solve the problem. Listen intently.

From my experience, I’ve discovered that oftentimes, the team member will come up with much better choices than I would have.

BONUS: Team members are more supportive of a decision when they have had an opportunity to influence it.

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