“Gimmy somethin new”

by Dr. Ron Arndt

A dental friend of mine was meeting with a group of dentists who gather monthly to “lament” the current state of their practice slow-downs. Being a client of mine, he offered up some ideas as to how to “pick themselves up out of the doldrums”. In a common “I’m a smart dentist” reply they said: “hey those ideas are worthless…they don’t work…I tried them……..gimmy something new!

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This is a multiple choice question. What do you think the answer might be? The reason these dentists are in practices that are tapering off is because……

a) These dentists are stuck, never to get out of their rut?

b) These dentists are not as smart as they think they are?

c) They are living in “stinking thinking?

d) They are lazy?

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e) These dentists are looking for the “magic pill” that doesn’t exist, they know it doesn’t exist, yet they still want the pill?

f) They need to look in the mirror and know it all begins with them?

g) Each one might do well to ask for help…even the Lone Ranger had Tonto?

Answer:  a-b-g; c-d-e-; b-d-f; All of the above

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