Gifting to Referral Docs

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Referral relationships with other doctors must be valued and nurtured. Doctors such as chiropractors, pediatricians and specialists all need to be cultivated and cared for. A supportive relationship with other doctors referring patients to you will enhance your new patient flow. If you do not show them how you (genuinely) appreciate them, they will stop referring to you!

It used to be that you could get away with sending a gift basket once a year in December. In today’s competitive market, you must stand out. It can be a constant challenge. I want to make it easier for you. Here are my top three ways to stand out to referring doctors:

nm_doctor_patient_090619_main1)      Send a “just because” gift in February, for example. Don’t limit gifting to just the holidays (the fact is, many offices are inundated with gifts at this time and yours pay go unnoticed.)

2)      Give something useful. Cookies and candies only last a few days (in some offices – they only last a few hours!). Consider giving a book that will enhance their practice, their professional and their personal life. Check out what some doctors had to say about my book here.

3)      Always take the time to handwrite a note. Do not send a generic “Thank you”, and do not have your office manager pen the note. Take a few minutes and hand-write the note yourself. This is the lost art of doing business, and it will be appreciated and noted.

Bonus Tip: Consider putting a section on your web page for “Referring Doctors” to learn more about you, the office’s specialties, your service and why they should send their patients to you for important care.

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