Get Uncomfortable

by Dr. Ron Arndt
If your dental practice isn’t growing, it’s dying. Really think about that. Your business is a living and breathing entity, and it needs lots of things to continue growing – like improving it. What I talk about in my book is that you don’t have to get yourself sick (literally) over this – I talk about how I scaled back my practice, yet still remained financially and professionally successful. My business was growing, but I wasn’t dying over it.
You must stretch yourself in your business everyday, and you must become uncomfortable with something that you’re doing. By this I mean, you must do something out of the ordinary, that breaks with your tradition. This could be hiring a coach to help you with personal and professional issues, launching team Morning Huddles or even cutting back on the costmetic services that you aren’t so passionate about.
Your business will grow and expand each time you stretch it, push it, pull it and shake it up a bit. This may sound harsh and outlandish to some of you – who are thinking – Why do I want to mess up a good or “okay” thing? But, as the Dental Coach(C) , I am someone who gives my dental coaching clients a kick in the butt…. but, most of the time, I also have my arm around their shoulder.

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