Get New Ideas For Your Dental Practice – For No Cost!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

When you have your weekly team meetings or Morning Huddles, as like to call them, spice them up a little. The reason for this is because it will allow you to use your greatest resource – your staff – to get new ideas for your practice, and to make it more successful overall. Below are my 5 favorite ways to add life to your team meetings. Be sure to implement these into your planning!

1)      Encourage team members to shout! Yes, really! Let your staff know that they are free to shout out their ideas in the meeting. It will make for a fun, upbeat, engaging meeting and you will be pleasantly surprised at the ideas that come out.

2)      Eliminate negative thinking. Do not allow anyone to use negative phrases like “We can’t” or “I don’t think that it will work.” Ban that negative thinking from your meetings!

3)      The crazier idea, the better. Encourage wild ideas.

4)      Have fun! Wear crazy hats, bring in noisemakers and treat the staff to fun foods like cupcakes. Make this the opposite of the traditional boring team meeting.

Utilizing these 5 strategies to make your staff meetings more productive, successful and well-received will surely turn into profits for your practice!

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