The Fundamental Flaw With Traditional Hiring

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Distinguish Your Dental Practice
To have the best staff, you have to attract only the top echelon of staff to begin with. When you treat candidates as actual “customers” – rather than subordinates — you change everything about finding new staff. Most dental ads and sourcing techniques are set up to simply fill a void. They are written to fill a quick position. Frankly, don’t you want to attract the top 25 percent, not just a warm body?

Most ads are written with one single criterion: experience. Lots of it. This is the fundamental flaw associated with traditional hiring. Don’t risk hiring dental staff with 20 years of experience who are complacent and know outdated techniques. Hire dental staff that can do the job, regardless of their experience. To find these candidates, write ads that focus on past performance, talent, energy levels and the ability to learn.

When candidates see the job as a career opportunity, you simply and instantly attract more people. On your terms. Many of my coaching clients have asked me what a good ad is. Remember: a good ad focuses on outcomes rather than activity.

Here is a sample ad I have done for you: Dental Hygienist wanted who can do all phases of soft tissue management and can head up a productive, profitable hygiene department. While we offer flexible scheduling and great pay, use the latest technology, and don’t mind if you Whistle While you Work (Grumpy need not apply). We want leadership, energy and commitment to a team. Call now or email your resume for a confidential audition!

Stay tuned for more tips on dental hiring….

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