For Your Staff – It’s More Than the Money

by Dr. Ron Arndt

When I fired all of my employees after killing my dental practice, and then re-hired only the motivated staff who were ready to play by the new rules, I changed something in my practice. I demanded high expectations – and guess what? I got them.

Pay competitive wages, but pay attention to the overall compensation package. There is so much more to a compensation package than the dollar amount of the hourly wage. Too often, dental office employees get caught up in the numbers game, and then the employee is constantly looking for a monetary raise and the doctor loses money and productivity.

Here are ways to increase employee satisfaction, attract and retain top talent and not increase the hourly wage by one penny!

  • Write letters of recognition and present them on each employee’s work anniversary
  • Have a staff member’s dry cleaning picked up and delivered back to the office
  • Celebrate a great month at the office by taking everyone out to Happy Hour
  • Offer unique, but low-cost benefits, like a gym membership
  • Give the staff member a two hour lunch break
  • Invite guest speakers to monthly meetings or a “Lunch and Learn” to discuss new advancements in dentistry
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