How do you find the right person? Ask the right questions!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

How do you find the right people? Ask the right questions!When you are hiring a candidate for your dental office, answer three “C’s” about each candidate:

  1. Can they do the job? – Competence
  2. Will they do the job? – Commitment
  3. How will they fit in? – Chemistry

In our rush to impress candidates and fill the glaring void on our team, interviewers lapse into “Sell and Tell” mode. In fact, the most common mistake interviewers make is talking too much.

Follow my proven flow for a more successful interview:

  1. Establish rapport. Greet the candidate and help them get comfortable. Offer tea or coffee for them to enjoy. Ask them if they found the office okay—make small talk. It helps people relax and will give you a clearer insight into their personality.
  2. Explain your process. Take two minutes (and two minutes only) to lay out the agenda for the interview. Let the candidate know you will be taking notes.
  3. Follow the 80/20 Rule. During the main part of the interview, the candidate should do 80% of the talking. Ask open-ended questions, then LISTEN to the answers. Anytime you want to speak, bite your tongue and think first!
  4. Allow time for questions. Once you are done, give the candidate a few minutes to switch roles. Now is when you sell! This is your opportunity to tell them why working at your dental practice is great.
  5. Close with a commitment. Tell the candidate when you expect to make a decision. Be professional and let them know either way. When you close the loop and send a letter letting them know that you have moved on with another candidate, you still leave a respectful impression.

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