It Is Not Our Fault but It Is Still Our Problem!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Every month I select and mail a book of my choosing to my clients. The book topics can run the gamut from how to manage your business, marketing, meditation for a more peaceful life, how to better communicate with your team or family, crushing price objections, service delivery…I think you get the drift. We then do a monthly teleconference and discuss the merits of the book and how to apply to our business and/or our lives.

This month’s selection was by T. Scott Gross entitled Pocket POS (POSitively Outrageous Service). After mailing the book to all my clients, including a personal note, I received a frustrated call from one of them telling me he did not receive the book. I knew I had sent it to him! He asked me to give him the name of the book so he could go to the bookstore to purchase his copy so as to be prepared for our Mastermind call.

Well, it wasn’t my damn fault that the book never got to him…however it was my problem! I immediately went online, purchased another copy, and made certain it was mailed directly to his home so he would have his book in plenty of time to read it.

My client was delighted and very appreciative as he received the book within two days and recognized this as an example of what being “Zero-Risk” is all about. Being Zero-Risk applies regardless of whether my company is at fault.

P.S. Not only did my client receive the second-ordered book but also the original purchased book arrived the next day and nearly two weeks delayed in the U.S. Mail service.

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