Father-Daughter Advise

by Dr. Ron Arndt
Bri & Dad

Bri & Dad

I was invited by my “favorite youngest daughter” Brianne

to go with her in January 2010 on a smooth jazz cruise vacation headed up by Dave Koz and friends. Here is where I need your insights and suggestions: since this is a special father daughter time, most young kids would never think to ask their parents to do something fun like this, I would like to find a way to chronicle or record this experience. I would like to chronicle this from the time she’s asked me through all of the preparation; our conversations about what to do; as well as our actual time on the cruise. What I want from you are your thoughts and ideas on how you might do that if it were you going on this cruise with your daughter. At the end of this entire process, I would like to be able to present this is a gift to my daughter as a way to let her know how much I love spending my time with her. Please take the time and give me your suggestions for making this special.


  1. roger g. says:

    what a wonderful thing in your life Dr. Ron. I am so proud to know you and so happy for you to have this experience. To chronicle everything then present it to her would be wonderful and a memory for her that will last forever. you’re the greatest and I’ll keep in touch.

  2. admin says:

    Roger, I appreciate your support. I have such a wonderful connection with the ladies in my life that I want to grab every opportunity to let them know how fortunate I feel to have them in my life. Thank you friend.

  3. Ron Occhionero says:

    Ron…This a great opportunity for you and your daughter,,,a once in a lifrtime event that you and she will remember and cherish a lifetime.
    A very special bond will be created by the experiences only you and she shared…”The do you remember” kind that last forever.
    I had a similar opportunity when I took my Mother and Father to Italy for their very first time. Carole, my wife, and I decided that I would also take Leesah my daughter who was into art and sculpture.What occurred in the two weeks that followed was just short of fantastic.Carole did not come so my daughter was my date too.

    It was easy to chronical the events with pictures which is a very normal thing to do. At that time before digital it was the way to go.I made it special for both Leesah and my Mom and Dad by putting together a special album with capations of the special events,places and times.

    Now of course things can be recorded with a variety of hardware and media sources that can make the event most special.

    Ron, I am envious of your opportunity and I recall the special times I enjoyed with my daughter.
    Right now we’re heading to our happy place in Vero Beach Florida where our klan the eighten of us must make a major decision everyday “beach or pool”.

    The best to you and yours…Ron