Expand your Dental Practice through Referrals

by Dr. Ron Arndt

I hear so many doctors complaining that their number of new patients is down. Here’s a fact: the #1 way to grow your business or practice is through referrals from word-of-mouth.

So, here’s the question: What are you doing to acknowledge your referral sources? How many gifts and notes of acknowledgement have you sent out this past week? What is your protocol for asking for, tracking, and gifting referrals?

How closely does this describe you:

  1. That’s too much work.
  2. My staff does all that for me.
  3. We have a program whereby someone who refers to us gets a $50 credit on their dental bill (don’t kid yourself, this has proven to be nearly useless in generating referrals, in spite of what all the gurus tell you).
  4. 50% or more of my referrals come from my current patients/guests.

Take this assessment: Expanding Your Practice Through Dental Referrals, to evaluate where you may be doing well and where you may want to focus more time and attention to grow your referrals.

How much have you budgeted annually to referral gifting and acknowledging? I would love to hear about your patient referral strategies in the comments below.


  1. unfortunately that is an accurate description of how my company is…. sigh….