Do You Think You Are an Ethical Leader?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Business Vision
Values and ethics are your framework for decision-making in your dental practice management. Ethics is a blend of professional and personal behaviors and qualities. We measure ethical behaviors by how we do our work. We measure ethical qualities by who we are.

While we have a responsibility to uphold standards of the dental profession that we learned about in dental school, we have a larger responsibility to “walk the talk.” This responsibility is to model for others the qualities we want in our practice.

Start by sharing your Core Values. This is your compass, your guiding principles. It defines who and what you are and what you value in your business life. This is your compass. It unites you, the CEO, and your team members into a purpose.

Action step: Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do your Core Values match up with your ethical values?
  • Do your team members know the Core Values?

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