The Most Effective Business Training for Dentists

by Dr. Ron Arndt

12 years of school, 4 years of undergraduate work, 4 years of dental school… In spite of all of this training, dentists often have a limited knowledge when it comes to business.

Little guidance is given to dentists regarding finance, human resources, operations. Dentists are basically thrown to the wolves when it comes to operating a highly profitable business.

Sure, they get financial statements from the accountant and have access to the online banking, but they don’t know what that signifies or how it relates to their dental practice.

Over the next few weeks, my goal with my blog post series is to help you better understand the “business” side of your dental business. I will show you simple, fast tips to improve your dental practice’s profits, operations and most importantly – your success.

Each time I post, I will list a manageable 3 tips for you to implement into your practice – today. As always, I’m here to answer your questions and encourage you. I am passionate about helping you grow a stronger, smoother, more financially successful practice that brings you happiness, freedom and satisfaction.

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