Dr. Ron’s REAL-LIFE Service Blog

by Dr. Ron Arndt

It seems everywhere you go, every advertisement you read, every commercial on the radio we are bombarded by claims of “quality”; “outrageous”; “extraordinaryservice. We intuitively know this is not so and that frequently what we receive is “extraordinarily” disappointing service. It is an advertisement “ruse” intended to hose us with false information. When we do find or experience great service we cynically wonder if it was a “fluke” or even a mistake.

As a consequence, I am going to begin regular blog posts discussing REAL-LIFE service experiences I have in my quest to discover really great service that is persistently consistent. I want to brag on those service examples. Along the journey, I am also going to report examples of what doesn’t work and invite you to blog back to me your ideas to make service even better.

Aren’t you tired of false claims of great service? Say “YES!” Don’t you want to be taken care of courteously and uniquely and not have to go broke experiencing it? Say “YES!”

Join me in my upcoming blog commentary … Dr. Ron.

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