Dr Ron’s Real-Life Service Blog: Random Acts of Kindness

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Because of the recent Super Storm, “Sandy,” I have two compelling stories. Both examples are about the observation and kindness of two of my clients.

how to provide outstanding customer serviceThe first is about Dr. Fred and Roselle Hecht who both maintain vibrant businesses on Staten Island and live in New Jersey. Both cities took a devastating hit from the storm. They were forced, due to lack of power to their home and businesses, to take up temporary residence in a hotel until utilities could be restored. While they were having lunch in their hotel, an elderly lady wandered into the hotel. She was alone and feeling lost and anxious as she needed a flashlight, batteries, and other sundries as she was waiting for her power to come back on. Roselle, sensing the desperation of this poor soul, immediately left her lunch and gently guided the lady by the arm. She took her new friend shopping to get all the supplies she needed, never asking for money and only wanting to help. A wonderful Random Act of Kindness.

how to go above and beyond to provide outstanding customer serviceThe second story is about Mr. Sean O’Reilly who, the day after Sandy wreaked havoc on northern Ohio and the Cleveland area with massive flooding and dangerously heavy winds, saw an opportunity to spread kindness. While navigating downed power lines and huge trees littering many of the neighborhood streets, he saw a large crew of city employees diligently working to clean up the wreckage. The temperatures were in the high thirties; the rain was heavy and the tenacious winds made the work almost impossible. Recognizing the miserable, cold and wet conditions, these crews were working under, Sean made the decision to drive to a local coffee shop and purchased large jugs of hot coffee and hot chocolate. He personally delivered this gift of appreciation and thanked the crews for all they were doing to restore power to his community. Another wonderful Random Act of Kindness.

Both Roselle and Sean demonstrated how paying attention to opportunities to be of selfless service to others is nothing more than being a detective…that is to be aware of what is going on around you and then take a positive action.

Do you have a story about a Random Act of Kindness to share? I would love to hear about it in the comments below, or on my Facebook page.

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