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by Dr. Ron Arndt

Recently I facilitated an annual team retreat with a client in Cincinnati and the venue was at an Embassy Suites.

When Dr. Eric and I checked in at the front desk at 6:45 am to be directed to our meeting room, we were told to walk across the bridge and it would be one of the rooms on the left. When we arrived, the room was unprepared. There were no electrical connections for our AV needs, no coffee, and no Internet connection.

When we revisited the front desk, we were told we’d have to wait 45 minutes when the IT team arrived for their shift. The entire team was to arrive at 7:30 am.

The food and coffee, when it arrived at nearly 8:00 am, was terrible and cold. Lunch that day was equally disappointing. When asked how our lunch was, we explained it was barely ok. The response from the wait staff was one of disinterest.

Later, when Dr. Eric asked if we would be able to partake in the Managers Happy Hour to be served the next day at the end of our retreat, he was told that was not possible as this guest service was only for paying guests. When he reminded this individual that he was paying considerably more for the room than the typical guest lodging PLUS all the food, coffee and now a $50 per day Internet usage fee, her reply was “NO”. He asked to speak to the meeting room manager: She replied, “I am the manager”.

Quiz: What would be an appropriate response?

  • Order up a vacant room and you and your team go in and set it up exactly the way you want it?
  • Hire an independent concierge service to set up the room and food exactly the way you want it?
  • Walk out of the facility in disgust and wreak havoc on your training session?
  • Discuss with the manager of the property your upset and disappointment and demand a refund?
  • Vote with your feet and never come back in the future?
  • None of the above.

I would love to hear your response to the quiz in the comments below, via email, or on my Facebook page.

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