Dr. Ron’s REAL-LIFE Service Blog

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Business VisionI was visiting with my very cool nephew, Chad Dennis, and we chatted about his job at Starbucks. At first blush, I thought he was simply selling coffee. After a few minutes of listening to him passionately explain about Core Values; the need to create “enthusiastically satisfied” customers and employees; developing innovative and flexible solutions to bring about positive change….I was mesmerized. This young man explained how he has a responsibility to create an atmosphere where guests are treated as guests, and that presentation and reliability are keys to the “Starbucks Experience”.

It was refreshing and astounding to hear these kinds of words come out of the mouth of a 20 year old. He went on to detail the value and positive experience he gained through the two week training program: where he had to learn the Starbucks value system, how to make certain the customer always gets what they wanted, as well as how to make great refreshments.

I’d love to be served by more Chad’s…a great smile and an eagerness to learn.

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