Dr. Ron’s REAL-LIFE Service Blog

by Dr. Ron Arndt

I’ve been to 22 personal training exercise classes, and I recently noticed that everyone is in black — all the ladies — its predominately ladies in the class.

When I come, I’m dressed in shorts, or my workout pants with a red top, a yellow top, a white top – there’s always some other kind of top – and I look like a pudga-wudga!

I’ve noticed after 22 sessions, that most of the women come in all dressed in black, so I decided I would go to my exercise class dressed in black. Black shorts, a black top (one of those wicking things that breathe) and I even asked the instructor Dan, “Hey Dan – how do I look, I’m in black? I mean, I’ve been working out for 22 times with you!”

Dan looked at me and said, “black, red, yellow, white – it makes no never mind – you are; number one ugly, and number two — you still look fat!”

Surely, you would never treat your dental patients this way and expect them to return! Think about how you can apply this to your practice.

Are you and your dental team doing everything you can to create a comfortable, nurturing experience for your patients?

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