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by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental office receptionist new patientsShe noticed my purple shirt!!!

Recently I went shopping at one of my favorite stores, Costco! As I waited my turn in the checkout isle, a friendly cashier named Trish welcomed me and asked for my Costco card and helped me unload the parcels from my cart. After some fun, conversational talk, she was about to complete the scanning of all my items when she paused what she was doing, looked me in the eye, put on this warm smile and as her dimples popped, she said: “Ron, purple is a great color for you and I love your shirt.”

WOW!!! How did she know that? Not only did she know my name (I’d never seen her before), she made me feel like a celebrity in one of my favorite recently purchased shirts. The fix is in…she took the time to look at my name on my Costco card and addressed me personally; she had a service DNA that enabled her to connect with her customers in a way that made them feel special.

What an example of service excellence and thank you Costco and, specifically, Costco in Avon, Ohio for hiring Trish.

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