Dr. Ron’s Hire Like an Investor: How to Turn a $30,000 Mistake into a $500,000 Plus Return

Many studies and surveys say that the number one issue facing business is finding and keeping good employees.  This is true as well in dentistry.  One of the greatest factors related to practice success over the next five to ten years will be how to find and retain employee talent.

Unfortunately, dentists have had little or no training on how to interview candidates for positions in the dental office.  Therefore the typical dental interview is an unreliable tool to determine competency.  There is a solution.  Using an outcome-based approach, and following a structured method with every prospective candidate, interviewer bias and personal perceptions can be dramatically reduced.  Part of this learning can be accomplished by developing and following the techniques developed by this author and presented in a webinar format for Dr. Larry Brooks and Smile-Vision a nationally recognized dental lab and imaging service.