Dr. Ron's Dentist Survey

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Several weeks ago I invited subscribers to respond to a survey asking dentists how they like to learn nonclinical subjects; how excited are energized they feel about their profession; what are the major or leading challenges facing them in their practice today. See the results by clicking on the link: . While this is an initial synopsis of the responses, I find it rather surprising that nearly 60% of the dentist who responded felt that their level of joy with their practice was a seven or below out of  a possible 10

. What’s your thought on what this means?


  1. admin says:

    Means happy people are happy to reply that they are happy. Not so happy people are reluctent to say they are. We need to find out what deeper reason for thier unhappiness is. You can control your business to make it a happy place most of the time. So these unhappy people are letting the business control them.