Don’t Look for Skills or Experience When Hiring

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Practice Communication Tips

That probably sounds a little crazy to any sane dentist. Hear me out…

Are there days when you think you could operate your dental practice more efficiently? Do you value everyone on your team, but wish that some were nicer with patients, would up-sell cosmetic services or ask for referrals?

Answer those questions by asking yourself: Did I hire the first person I interviewed for the job?

To hire someone new in your dental practice, you must understand the objectives of the practice, your Core Values and Mission Statement. Only from there can you determine who it will take to achieve that. We are taught to hire employees based on education, technical competence, skill and years of experience. We hope that they will be good at patient service, have a friendly attitude and make positive contributions to the practice growth. But – we don’t actually hire them for that! We don’t look for candidates – at the outset – who will do that.

What people know is less important than who they are. What we know changes from moment to moment (quickly), while who we are changes over a long period of time. Hiring someone with a marginal attitude and expecting them to change is a decision you will pay for over and over again.

In your next interview, look past the years of experience and look at their attitude.

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