I Don’t Take You For Granted

by Dr. Ron Arndt

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My family and I recently celebrated the 4th of July holiday together. I was watching my beautiful bride of 37 years prepare for a long weekend with family and special friends. While enjoying a nice glass of wine, I began to think: I should be more helpful.

I asked my wife, Trish, what I could do and My Sweetness replied: “Ron, don’t worry! I’ve got it covered. Just do your thing!” This amazing woman had everything planned. The best thing I could do was stay out of the way, grill the beer-soaked brats and baby back ribs and fill everyone’s glass. Yet, my Sweetness gave me the credit for the well-prepared celebration.

When I was young, I took a lot for granted. Now that I’m older and killed my practice, I don’t do that anymore. I take the time to marvel at my wife, admire my daughters and the men in their lives and appreciate my friends.

Thank you for being a subscriber to my blog. I certainly don’t take you for granted.

I ask you to take a moment today to look around. What do you take for granted?


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