Don't Forget You!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dr. Eric

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, one of my successful clients had a banner month in June (hey, I thought we were in a lousy economy).  We discussed what he was planning to do to acknowledge his dental team members.  I then asked him what he was going to do to acknowledge himself.  He paused and declared he didn’t need to do anything, “after all he remarked, that’s my job.”

  As his dental coach I quickly reminded him the value and importance of awarding recognition to his personal accomplishment.  After much discussion, Dr. Eric came up with a great idea.  He calls it “The Frivilous Fifty!”  He will be spending some vacation time with his son this week and has agreed when he finds something that he typically would not buy, he will spring up to $50 to gift himself.  Not a major purchase, just an important one.  Dr. Eric inspired me with his “Frivilous Fifty”.  When you achieve some milestone or achieve an objective, what can you do to not forget you?  Consider “The Frivilous Fifty.”

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