You Don’t Have to Look To Other Dentists

by Dr. Ron Arndt

You Don’t Have to Look To Other Dentists
Do you ever feel exhausted because you are one the who has to come up with all the ideas…and quite frankly, you are plum out of ideas?

So, how do other dental practices come up with all of the great ideas to be successful? In my experience, it is because they are tapping into the brilliance of others. And not just other dentists – other successful businesses.

Invite successful people – from outside of dentistry – to address your team at one of your regular meetings. Discuss what makes them successful, and then work with your team to create and implement your own version of the ideas.

Your team will be able to implement these new ideas into your practice.

When you get past the idea that the great idea has to say “Dentistry”, the results are remarkable.

Action step: What other professionals or companies in your community do you admire? How can you mimic what they are doing?

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