Don’t Settle for High Stress and Low Profits

by Dr. Ron Arndt

There is a group of dentists have that practice mindset where they spend the majority of their days performing high-volume, low-profit services, maintaining large and expensive staffs and unfortunately not bringing in enough to pay the bills. These dentists are the ones who believe in accepting notoriously low-paying insurance and distribute coupons for free cleanings and x-rays as the basis of their marketing strategy. This is neither good, nor bad. However, what I’ve discovered is that these same dentists are craving more free time, more take-home profits and less stress. As a young practitioner, I chose to avoid these strategies because I wanted to enjoy my vacations, spend time with my growing daughters and practice dentistry in a way that reminded me of why I went into the field to begin with.

Unfortunately, I made other mistakes, and instead of working smart, I worked like a mule.
After I had my heart attack, I decided right then that things needed to change. Once I changed my mindset that my practice could be and would be different, everything changed. Now, it didn’t change overnight – I still had to train my staff on the new practice values – but soon, they became a dream-team staff. What happened next in my practice? My staff and I began attracting more patients; the practice maximized its earning potential and my family got to spend more time with me.

I figured out how to have the dental practice of my dreams, while living a balanced personal life that afforded me lots of time with family. How did I do it? I killed my practice. Learn more by visiting

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