These Doctors Should Get Fired!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Rewarding Dental Office Staff

A staggering 74% of leaders don’t practice recognition with their employees (The Carrot Principle)

The #1 complaint I hear from dental teams: “Our Dental CEO does not value and appreciate us(Dr. Ron Arndt, THE DENTAL COACH©)


I recently shared this information at the Ohio Dental Association conference where I was the keynote speaker. Several docs commented “Forget all that touchy-feely stuff. My staff is paid money to do their job. That’s enough.”

Nice guys to work for, huh? If I were their team, I’d fire the doctor!

So what about your dental team? What action step will you take to recognize the positive accomplishments of a team member?

Now tell me about it. This is a time to brag!


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