Do You Really NEED This?

by Dr. Ron Arndt
Regular readers of my blog and members of my tribe know that I am all about Core Values. I base actions in my personal and professional life on my Core Values. For more on how to create them, see this link.
So, yes, Core Values help me be a better Dental Coach, husband, father and friend. But, they help everyone around me, too. How does creating and living by a set of Core Values help other coaches?
It helps your staff: They have a standard and benchmark by which to run their operations. They know that their boss or Dental CEO is committed to creating a vibrant practice, with values and morals that are set forth at the outset. They know that they have something to live up to.
It helps your family: Whatever structure your family may be, having Core Values helps them. Having a defined and practical set of Core Values helps dental professionals maintain a work/life balance that works for them, their spouse and their children. It also shows your family that you are serious about including them in your business and life planning.
It help your patients: Patients are more apt to see a dentist who they trust and feel comfortable with. By creating your Core Values and writing them up and nicely displaying them in your reception area or marketing material, your patients will immediately feel at ease. They will know who you are and what you are about. It will keep them coming back.

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