Ditch The Macho Man Attitude!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Practice Champion
While this phrase may cause some dentists to shudder, not too long ago that was common. For some dentists, behavior like this is still alive and well in many offices.

Ditch the macho, all-knowing attitude. Stop saying “I’ve been doing this for years, so I can do it better” and start saying “Hey, I don’t have to do it all!”

Remember:  “No one is as smart as all of us.” I encourage you to encourage participation among your staff. Part of their responsibility as a team member is contributing to the success of your company. That may mean helping to save money (spotting cost saving opportunities) or giving ideas on new ways to generate new patients.

Your team is the primary caretakers of areas of your dental business – the financials, the front desk, the appointment setting. Each staff member has a unique perspective that should be valued. I would hate to see you be the doctor who is too busy to consider a new idea from a staff member.

When you encourage participation like this, at the end of the day you have:

  1. Happier staff
  2. More energy in the room
  3. Higher profitability

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