Distinguish Your Dental Practice – So What is your Distinctive Competency?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Distinguish Your Dental PracticeWhat is your distinctive competency? How do you appear different than the practice down the block? What makes your practice so unique that people want to come to you for dental care?

The more similar a business to another, the more important the distinctions. The more dental offices there are in your neighborhood, the harder you have to work to stand out.

Action step: Set time aside at your next team meeting for this activity. With your team, stand in front of a large mirror and ask yourselves these questions:

  • How does our team go the extra mile?
  • What do we do to encourage patients to seek us out?
  • How are we different?

Play off of each other’s answers: tag onto what someone else said, encourage contributions. Above all things, record your responses.

When your list is completed, share it. Because what you’re looking for is looking for you.


  1. Shokri Wahib says:

    Watching the video of Hud brought a smile to my face. Wonderful memories. Remembering him makes me feel that he never left. Nice job Ron. That makes you wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your day, as I will happily enjoy mine.

  2. Brilliant advice. Love this ==> “what you’re looking for is looking for you.” May I quote you on this?