Distinctive Customer Service

by Dr. Ron Arndt

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Recently I visited a grocery store in town to load up on “stuff” that my wife wanted me to get for a weekend visit with our kids. This store advertises their “distinctive customer service.” Have you ever witnessed this kind of FALSE advertising? It feels like it’s everywhere and rampant. I was standing in line to check out while the two “baggers” and the two cashiers engaged in customer-unfriendly loud conversation about who is the meanest manager in the store. Never once looking up to say “Hello wonderful patron who I’m delighted to serve and thank you for choosing to shop with us” or help the semi-deaf, elderly lady in the adjacent line asking for assistance with the use of the debit machine.

Don’t you get fed up with this kind of “customer care” lip service?

I’m noticing this happens more and more and in more and more industries. I visited the manager and shared my experience with his employees and voiced my concern. Here was his reply:

“Thank you mister for bringing this to my attention, BUT you know how the younger generation is.” My reply: “This has happened more than once to me, and with your attitude about “distinctive customer service,” this will be my last time in your store.”

Have you personally experienced a “service disappointment” in the past 3 months? Share your story with me.

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