Did You Keep It?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Most of us make New Years resolutions each year. In the first few weeks of January, the gym is packed and everyone is in line at the drugstore to buy Nicorette. Aside from the personal resolutions to get healthy, we make professional resolutions, too. We resolve to start doing the things we know we are supposed to do to sustain a profitable, successful practice like hold Morning Huddles and implement our Core Values.

You can make as many resolutions as you want, but that alone won’t make you successful. Sticking with them will. It’s nearly April – a quarter of the way in – and I can bet that you aren’t at all concerned with what you promised yourself on January 1st.  The problem with New Years resolutions is that we focus on them only at the start of the year and we don’t set a reasonable path to achieve them. What if we stopped creating them in January and picked another, random day to begin?

Here are my solutions to achieve your resolutions in your practice:

1.      Immediately write down a goal and post it someplace where you will see it daily, like the bathroom mirror. This goal should be simple, like: “Write one thank you note a week to a team member” or “Make two patient calls this week to follow up on an extensive procedure.”

2.      Give yourself a monthly reward, such as a round of golf at your favorite club or a 90-minute massage.

3.      Look at the big picture. This time next year, if you follow the above goals, you will have already acknowledged your staff more than 50 times and over 100 patients would be telling their friends how much their dentist cares about them.

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