Dentists – Is This You?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Are you working nonstop in your dental office? What tasks do you do yourself because you believe that no one else can do it like you can? When is the last time you spent a relaxing day with your spouse and children?

I have been there, done that and want to help other dentists avoid the over-worked and over-stressed path I took that landed me in the hospital, after suffering from a heart attack at 41. Here is how you can kill the practice, before it kills you.

*Note: You can find more details in my book, Killing the Practice Before It Kills You: How Throwing Out My Business Model Saved My Life.

1) Be picky about your practice: Your team is your greatest asset, so pick members carefully and hire staff that wants to work hard, so they can play hard. Insist on paying yourself what you are worth.

2) Establish your Core Values: Establish your personal and business principles that serve as guidelines for how you run your dental office. Display them proudly. Refer to them when you must make a difficult decision.

3) Makeover your workplace: Chose office hours that are convenient to you, when you are most sharp (for me, it is morning.) Put systems in place that reflect your Core Values – systems from how the phone should be answered to consequences of cancelled appointments.

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